detta medelande tyder på att du är inte medlem med oss i detta forumet eller så du är inte inloggat. var vänlig och bli inloggat elle om du tänker dig bli medlem så är vi tacksam för det

allt som handlar om ungdomar

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1 Rap-poems... i fre jan 29, 2010 1:34 am


duktig medlem
duktig medlem
Lord Byron skrev:Brim leaning, cup tilted, blunt flicking
Get money, fuck bitches
Young Weezy, young pimping, she love it
I keep going, she keep cumin, what you know bout it
So bout it...like Master P... but no coward
No I am no Howard the duck duck
Lead showers, black flowers
Black dresses, two hours, closed casket
Ma dough tactics is so crafty
No laughter, I do that after I get the dough bastards

OscarWilde skrev:Translation of the above poem.
I regularly wear my hat to the side in an awkward manner because it is fashionable and aesthetically appealing. I am so inebriated from the copious amount of alcohol that I have been consuming this evening that I cannot hold properly the cup in my hand which is full of a beverage of a similar intoxicating nature. I am also presently smoking marijuana. I like to acquire money and have sexual relations with women. I regularly sell women for sex though I am surprisingly young. During sex, I am not a premature ejaculator, and the women appreciate that. I am like Master P, though I do not approve of his mannerisms and accomplishments. I am not like Howard the Duck, the comic book character, because he is a fictional one. I possess and fire firearms whose projectiles are made of the heavy metal lead. Most of the time this results in a melancholic funeral which is almost always closed casket due to the horrible disfigurement of the individual in the coffin. The way in which I acquire money is quite clever. I frequently do this by mowing down those who have money and claim it for my own, a common method where I grow up.

The only thing worse than being talked about is being misquoted... well... there's also the Holocaust... The only two things that are worse than being talked about are... well, hard labour is pretty bad too... The only three things that are worse... Now that I think about it, the Spanish Inquisition was worse.

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